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Organic Carpet Cleaning The Green Way

Organic carpet cleaning is becoming more well known as people realize the harmful effects regular carpet cleaning can have on the environment. In fact, most residential and commercial carpet cleaning companies have cleaners who use chemicals such as pesticides, formaldehyde, acids and sodium hydroxide. These chemicals not only have a negative effect on the environment but can also affect people's health. Breathing toxic chemicals after the carpet has been cleaned can have short term and long term effects.

If you are interested in finding an organic carpet cleaning company in your city, then you should use the Carpet Cleaner Hub. This helpful online directory lists carpet cleaning companies in your local area. Simply type in your zip code and you'll find a list of carpet cleaning companies. Within a few more clicks you'll be able to determine which companies can provide the carpet cleaning service you are looking for, including organic carpet cleaning.

The most common method of organic carpet cleaning is dry carpet cleaning. Dry cleaning solutions that are made to be environmentally friendly do not leave toxic chemicals in the air or on the carpet. These cleaning solutions are ideal if you live in an area prone to humidity. Humidity causes mold growth on the carpet; using dry cleaning will keep your carpet dry and safe from mold.

Steam cleaning a carpet can also be done by an organic carpet cleaning company. Steam cleaning does not have to be done each time you clean the carpet, but, it should be done on a regular basis because it is the most efficient way of deep cleaning a carpet. Steam cleaning does not actually involve steam in most cases. Instead hot water extraction is done by spraying a fine water and cleansing solution on the carpet. The resulting dirty solution is then sucked up using a specialized vacuum in order to ensure the dislodged dirt and grime does not stay floating around the house or on the surface of the carpet. If the carpet cleaning company does steam cleaning using the truck mount carpet cleaning method, make sure the truck is parked as far as possible from your home so the exhaust will not get inside.

Locating a number of companies who do organic carpet cleaning is the first step. The next step is to call the companies, or look them up online to determine the company who offers the best price and service level. Make sure the employees doing the cleaning are trained and competent in the type of carpet in your home. You may want to call the company and ask some direct questions in order to ascertain whether or not those doing the cleaning have training, certification and experience in the type of organic cleaning required. You should inquire about the type of dry cleaner or truck mounted hot water extraction system will be used.

Finding an organic carpet cleaning company on the Carpet Cleaner Hub is the first step to helping the environment and your overall health.


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